1.    Write, review or re-write Microsoft Excel add-in program to support daily financial analyst and processing 

2.    Analyze, improve complex SQL database procedure’s accuracy and efficiency 

3.    Enhance, upgrade, existing financial reports publishing web application using Classic ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript/JQuery, AJAX, XML and SQL. 

4.    Extract, transform and process large volume financial and communication data into SQL Server database 

5.    Research various .NET framework based software solution for companies’ system, propose them for consideration and implementation

6.    Design new database table in SQL Server Database as needed to secure faster queries and less duplicative data and design structure of object-oriented class of C# before writing code 

7.    Write loose-coupling, maintainable code in C#, contributing to new and existing .NET application.  

8.    Unit Test written C# code (Microsoft Visual Studio) before integrated testing, contributing reusable software component 

9.    Participate in application demonstration meeting, consult with project manager to answer questions about the project and deploy final project to live environment

Position requires master degree in computer science, software technology or closely related, 2 years experience as programmer analyst, including experience with object oriented programming methodologies.  Position requires knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, C#, Microsoft SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Microsoft Office Visual Basic for Application (VBA), Asp.PDF

Send resume and contact information to edward.storm@sellsidejobs.com to express interest in this opportunity.