Are you a Senior Level Investment Management Professional Looking for a New Job Opportunity?

If you are, great news! Very soon I expect to add a Partner to my recruiting team. This individual will be spearheading a new primary service unit at my firm. He will be working exclusively with people like you, that is, top tier buyside investment research professionals, who for whatever reason are seeking new employment. My new associate will only be working with one individual like yourself at a time, the goal being to place you in a new opportunity VERY quickly. This new Partner at my firm has an amazing background. He was Founder/CEO for an elite boutique most recently. After 15 years he sold his business to a larger regional investment bank. He also has 20+ years of management experience with Investment Product Sales at bulge brackets. Who could be a better asset to you than someone like this, who for 30+ years developed relationships with the best investment managers in the US? Anyway, I am very curious to hear your thoughts! All The Best, Ed Storm(Senior Financial Markets Recruiter & Founder of