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Senior Biotechnology Analyst Needed at One of the Fastest Growing Financial Services Firms

Primary Responsibilities:
Build strong industry knowledge of the biotech sector
Contribute to the generation and execution of investment ideas
Write reports/notes on companies under coverage
Communicate with the equities sales force and traders, clients and company managements
Interpret data and perform analysis on market, economic and technology trends
Develop financial models

Basic Qualifications:
PhD, MD, MS, or other advanced life sciences degree
Excellent analytical skills
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Proficiency in Excel
Attention to detail
Strong team orientation

Preferred Qualifications:
2 years of experience in investment research, financial modelling and analysis
Working knowledge of accounting, finance, and valuation
Demonstrated interest or previous experience in the biotech sector
Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-energy environment
Comfortable taking initiative and being resourceful/entrepreneurial
Ability to multi-task and work with numerous teams
Progress toward earning the CFA designation

To Apply:
Send your resume and contact information to

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