Dear CareerHedge Candidates :

Greetings! As summer comes to an end we are moving into what is usually the busiest few months of the year in regard to hiring on Wall Street.  Buyside hiring is still down year over year, however I’m excited about the overall quality of the searches my team and I are working on. Hiring is up within the private equity and investment banking industries and literally exploding among expert network providers.   If you follow our news & jobs blog, CAREERHEDGE.COM, you have probably seen the wide array of searches we’re engaged in.

Current Searches
As you can see, my team and I are working on a huge number of high quality searches and we have more working coming our way every single day!  If you are interested in getting plugged into our recruiting network and being considered these positions as well as positions outside of these, please let me know by sending an email address below) with the following information:

  • A copy of your resume as well as detailed information regarding each move you've made from one job for another (your resume will not be released to any hiring institutions without your prior consent)
  • 5-10 references (references will not be released to any hiring institutions without your prior consent)
  • Types of positions you're interested in pursuing. Please be very specific here.
  • Cities you'd consider living in.  Again, be specific.
  • Future compensation expectations.  Do you have a minimum base salary in order to consider a new opportunity?  What is the total annual compensation range that you need? Do you have any stock/equity tied up with you current employer that needs to be considered?

After I have reviewed this information we’ll schedule a call to discuss.   During this first call we will develop a strategy for your job search and discuss specifically the searches that I’m working on and the large number of institutions that we can put you in front of for employment consideration in a more opportunistic fashion.   We charge all candidates like yourself a one time fee of $98 which gives you 12 month access all of our candidate resources-our nightly newsletter, daily job alerts that are based on the job parameters you have given us, proprietary information based on our survey work pertaining to compensation and other topics, and of course my team and I are always available to speak with you on phone about searches and anything else recruiting related.  I can be reached at 573.529.4897 if you have questions or would simply like to speak before sending the requested information my way.


My recruiting firm is different than others because of custom services and one on one time that we spend with our candidates.  Whether you are interested in joining Goldman Sachs or a startup, working from NYC or Hong Kong or from your home office, my 15+ years of experience and deep client relationships are at your disposal!  Look forward to hearing from you!
All the Best,

Ed, CEO & Head of Executive Search at