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Dear Prospective Clients,

Greetings! As we move into the final months of 2018 recruiting season comes to an end.  Wow, what a great year it was!  We saw record demand within investment banking, buyside investment analysis and trading, expert network consulting, and even saw an uptick in demand on the sellside for associate analysts and institutional research sales professionals. Bonuses are up in a huge way too!   Survey work at some  financial services publications indicate that record bonuses are all but certain within investment banking and private equity. Even institutional equity sales professionals can expect at least a 15% rise year over year.

I'm a statistics and data junkie and my research spanning 15 years shows with absolute certainty that candidates who begin their job searches in November and December are three times as likely to find new employment during the first quarter of the following year. This is your shot to get going on your search right now without putting in huge amounts of time!

Like most executive recruiting firms, we are paid by the hiring institutions to fill a wide variety of open positions. How would you like to be among the review these open positions, and to have your resume included in our internal database of candidates who our team of recruiters utilizes first to fill client openings.   How to only do we actively communicate with qualified candidates in the premium database, we also send each individual in a database daily updates on job opportunities and employment-related news.

The registration cost for this service is just $45 and covers a free resume consultation along with the daily/updates newsletter via email. 

Thank you!  I think you will be very very pleased with the service and find that the small registration fee is definitely worth paying!

Here's a link to sign up:

All the Best,

Ed Storm
CEO & Director of Executive Recruiting