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December 22, 2018

Associate Equity Analyst (Generalist), Associate Equity Analyst (Modeling Junior)
Director of Marketing for Hedge Fund
Senior Quantitative Analyst
Senior Trader (Long/Short Healthcare)
Senior Equity Analyst-Semiconductors
Senior Portfolio Manager (Long/Short Technology Fund
Director of Healthcare Research
Senior Equity Research Analyst-Consumer
Associate Equity Analyst (Biotech)

Senior Energy Analyst
Senior Consumer Sector Strategist,
Associate Technology Analyst
Director of Institutional Research Sales-West Coast
Senior Institutional Sales-NY, Senior Sales Trader,
Senior Semiconductors Analyst
Institutional Sales Associate (NYC
Institutional Sales Associate (Boca Raton)
Senior Medical Technology Analyst
Managing Director of Investment Banking
Director of Healthcare Investment Banking
Managing Director of Technology Investment Banking
Senior Biotechnology Analys
Associate Biotechnology Analyst
Vice President of I-Banking (Software & Internet)
Investment Banking Analyst
Senior Venture Capital Analyst (Technology)

Expert Networks-
Director of Credit Research-Financials
Content Strategist-Biotechnology
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Director of Brand Marketing
Content Strategist across all sectors for Hong Kong
Content Strategist-TMT
Content Strategist-Energy
Content Strategist-Consumer Goods
Content Strategist-Healthcare
Content Analyst-Healthcare
Content Analyst-TMT
Director of TMT Content Strategy
Business Development Director
Business Development Associate
Business Development Director of Corporate
VP Institutional Sales, Data Insights
People Operations Manager
Network Recruiter
Campus Recruiter
Events Coordinator
Client Services Associate
Healthcare Analyst, Data Insights

Misc Financial Services Opportunities-
Senior Financial Markets Recruiter
Hedge Fund Recruiter
Director of Human Resources
Chief Talent Officer
Director of Marketing

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