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Top news stories for the week in Independent Equity Research

Via Integrity Research Associates...

Mizuho Americas Adds Technology Research Team

Last week, global investment bank Mizuho Americas announced the hiring of a team of technology research analysts, including Gregg Moskowitz, Matthew Broome and Michael Romanelli who all previously worked together ...

UBS Evidence Lab Recruited Nearly 100 New Positions in 2018

UBS Evidence Lab hired aggressively throughout 2018, even as recruiting for traditional research positions has been desultory at best.  Now that the alternative data/primary research platform has been spun out ...

Mixed Wall Street Jobs Outlook in December

Layoffs on Wall Street rose in December, while new hiring surged to the highest level seen since January of the year.  Consequently, annual layoffs totaled the highest level achieved in ...

Barclays Adds Two Senior Utilities Analysts from Macquarie

Recently global investment bank, Barclays, Plc added Dominic Nash and Peter Crampton – two senior analysts who had previously worked at Macquarie – in an effort to rebuild its utilities ...

Alternative Date Group Adds NYU Math Professor to its Board

Recently, Alternative Data Group, a New York-based provider of IT development and consulting services focused on the alternative data space, announced that it had brought NYU Mathematics Professor Petter Kolm ...


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