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Greetings! Last year all of the candidates we placed subscribed to our nightly newsletter. My team and I are working on a wide variety of sellside and buyside searches, presently we are looking for outstanding candidates to fill exciting roles at the top tier hiring institutions throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.  ALL OF THESE SEARCHES ARE REPORTED TO YOU NIGHTLY VIA OUR NEWSLETTER, ALONG WITH DATA AND NEWS ON THOUSANDS OF HEDGE FUNDS AND INVESTMENT BANKS. If you decide to explore your career options with us, we'll break down these hiring institutions in great detail with you, and give you access to ALL of the companies we've worked with in the past!

The cost of this annual subscription for top tier candidates is $29.99 and includes everything I've just mentioned.  IN ADDITION, you will get a copy of our hedge fund jobs directory and investment banking jobs directory.  These massive volumes give you detailed information on thousands of  asset managers, investment banks, brokers, and independent research firms throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  Once we have placed you in a new position, you will receive access to our nightly newsletter free for a lifetime!

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