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Happy Easter!

I'm the CEO and Founder of and for close to two decades I've helped individuals locate new job opportunities and negotiate the best compensation packages.  Well today I've developed a very good reputation placing individuals of all experience levels within investment banking, investment research, trading, institutional sales, expert networks, quantitative analysis, and more.  Today, I'd like to offer you the opportunity to have our team conduct a Comprehensive Compensation Analysis.  To do this we'll need a copy of your resume and a run down of your current and past compensation.  We charge a one time fee of $49 for this service and we'll conduct our analysis for you once a year until you retire!  What a deal!

We'll also include a one year subscription to our nightly newsletter which includes job opportunities and employment related financial markets news delived to your inbox nightly. 

I still have a lot of availability this week so if you would like to set up a phone call please let me know! The compensation analysis should take about one hour on the phone and we should even have time to discuss some of the searches we are currently working on that fit your background!

All the Best,

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