Expert Network Profile of the Day: Primary Insight:

Overview of the Hiring Institution: Primary Insight was founded in 2005. We are led by expert-network veterans who know how to respect clients’ time and budgets, and deliver high quality contacts to provide the most relevant information.

Our model is a value-add approach, in which we seek to uniquely identify those experts who will set apart our clients’ research in this ever-changing financial environment. In addition, we recognize the need to maintain strict compliance standards, and have implemented the necessary practices in order to ensure a smooth research process. Color:  Primary Insight is presently one of the largest firms in the expert network industry both in total number of employees and in revenues.  From our experience, GLG and Guidepoint Global are miles ahead of them in terms of product, culture, growth aspirations, compensation offered to employees,and potential for career advancement.  Still, this is a high-quality firm because of the industry's explosive growth in recent years.  Primary Insight should also be a attractive acquisition target for a large financial institution that may want to get into the game.

Our Overall Score:  B