Expert Network provider, LYNK, is hiring at record setting pace

The Expert Network Industry continues to grow at an exciting and eye catching rate.  Last year, what was already a billion dollar industry, had 25% more total individuals employed on December 31st then it did on New Year's Day of the same year, 2018. LYNK is based in Hong Kong and presently seems to be focused on growing their home office.  LYNK has a nice presence on the major bomb boards.  On they have  75 positions advertised  and it appears more than 100  available positions in total. Industry leaders Guidepoint Global and Gerson Lehrman are also growing at a fast pace in Hong Kong and LYNK must compete with them.  Individuals with any expert Network experience whatsoever are extremely rare in the Hong Kong marketplace and those do have experience command a premium versus the New York, Boston, and San Francisco marketplaces.  We anticipate that more and more expert Network professionals will be moving to Hong Kong in the coming years due to the rapid growth of top tier hiring institutions in the area.  Industry veterans have many options now in Hong Kong Ang it is clear that the industry is here to stay.

-Edward Storm

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