Senior Medical Technology Analyst.

Our client is an investment management firm located in San Francisco rich Rover 15 years has been a leader in performance in a long only and long short in environment.  This highly respected client is expanding their equity research team with the addition of a seasoned publishing analyst.  This analyst will cover the medical technology sector.  We expect that a strong candidate will have typically taking one of two distinct yet relevant career paths.  First, a candidate has experience working for an investment bank or a provider of independent research.  This candidate has generated substantial revenues and has an outstanding following amongst buyside investment management professionals.  The other suitable candidate has considerably experience working on the buyside as an investment management professional and has a strong track record of success generating investment ideas for a hedge funds or four a mutual fund manager.  Regardless of experience, all candidates should have a work ethic that eclipses his/her contemporaries, plus a strong educational background, and proven communication skills both written and verbal. To be considered for this position send you a resume and contact information to

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