New Constructs Launches AI/ML Generated Data API


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Welcome to Integrity's free ResearchWatch newsletter for the week of 07/08/2019.  A few of the key research and alternative data industry developments we wrote about last week include the unique approach taken by climate researcher Four Twenty Seven; Alliance Bernstein's adoption of AI in it's assessment of SEC filings; and, geolocation data vendor Cuebiq's adoption of blockchain technology to verify consumer consent for data collection (see below).

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Latest ResearchWatch News - Free

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New Constructs Launches AI/ML Generated Data API
Nashville, Tennessee based independent research provider, New Constructs recently announced the launch of a new data API to deliver the proprietary data and analytics behind its profitability and valuation models for US stocks, ETFs and mutual funds in a more quant-friendly format ...

Free   Exclusive
What the FCA Got Right
The following is a guest article from Robin Hodgkins, President of Castine LLC, a provider of commission management software and research procurement solutions. Substantive Research, a UK-based independent research provider, recently ...

Wedbush Securities Names New Director of Equity Research
A few weeks ago, Los Angeles-based investment bank, Wedbush Securities, announced the hiring of Kevin Merritt, CFA to the role of Managing Director, Director of Equity Research.  Mr. Merritt will ...

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Research Unbundling Conference a Resounding Success
Last Wednesday, over 400 delegates from the sell-side, buy-side, IRPs, alternative data providers, and regulators attended UK research firm Substantive Research's second annual New York conference called Unbundling Uncovered USA.  ...

Latest ResearchWatch News - Premium

Geolocation Data Firm Cuebiq Launches New Privacy Compliance Solution
As privacy regulations increasingly tighten, alternative data firm Cuebiq which specializes in geolocation data introduced a blockchain driven capability which verifies consumer consent to data collection.  Although mainly targeted to ...

Thai Stock Exchange Adds Issuer-Sponsored Research
The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) initiated a program which will pay securities firms for coverage of small and mid-cap Thai stocks.  A number of stock exchanges have adopted similar ...

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AllianceBernstein Applies AI to SEC Filings
Prominent US asset manager AllianceBernstein, with $560 billion in assets under management, said it is using artificial intelligence to identify potential risks in the financial statements filed by public companies.  ...

Premium   Exclusive
Climate Risk Researcher Four Twenty Seven Takes Novel Approach to ESG
Rather than measuring companies' impact on the environment, Four Twenty Seven focuses on the impact that climate hazards might have on companies.  The approach is differentiated within the increasingly popular ...

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