Citadel is hiring in New York, NY

Hiring now: Mondel?z International, Citadel, Randstad US, Starry, Crossfire Consulting, 1199SEIU Funds, Medidata Solutions, Mars It Corp., eMazzanti Technologies, New York City DOITT.

Mondel?z International
3.8 ★
Supply Chain GURU Network Design Expert
Mondel?z International - East Hanover, NJ
$51k - $83k (Glassdoor est.)

4.1 ★
Telecommunications Engineer
Citadel - New York, NY
Highly Rated: Compensation & Benefits

Randstad US
3.6 ★
Voice Engineer
Randstad US - New York, NY

4.6 ★
Telecommunications Technician
Starry - Secaucus, NJ
$36k - $73k (Glassdoor est.)
Easy Apply
Highly Rated: Career Opportunity, Compensation & Benefits, Work/Life Balance, Culture & Values, Senior Leadership

Crossfire Consulting
5.0 ★
Telecommunications Engineer
Crossfire Consulting - Yonkers, NY
$64k - $91k (Glassdoor est.)

1199SEIU Funds
2.7 ★
Telecommunications Engineer
1199SEIU Funds - New York, NY
$55k - $84k (Glassdoor est.)

Medidata Solutions
4.3 ★
Network Engineer
Medidata Solutions - New York, NY
$78k - $121k (Glassdoor est.)

Mars It Corp.
4.0 ★
Telecommunication Technician
Mars It Corp. - New York, NY
$44k - $90k (Glassdoor est.)
Easy Apply

eMazzanti Technologies
3.0 ★
Windows Network Engineer
eMazzanti Technologies - Hoboken, NJ
$44k - $72k (Glassdoor est.)

New York City DOITT
3.2 ★
Network Engineer
New York City DOITT - Brooklyn, NY

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