For Up to 1.5 Million Experts in the Little-Known Expert Economy, Sharing Wisdom Is the Next Great Gig

First comprehensive study of billion-dollar expert industry examines implications and disruptive potential of fastest-growing professional learning sectors.


"The Rise of the Expert Economy" offers several surprising discoveries:

·         Unlike the conventional gig economy, which pays people little to do tasks others don't want to do, the expert economy pays people well (up to $1,000/hr.) for what they know and do best.

·         The expert economy includes about as many experts (1.5 million) as Uber and Lyft have active U.S. drivers.

·         GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group), the oldest and largest platform, controls half the world market, with $500M+ revenues in 2017. Two other firms, AlphaSights and Third Bridge, routinely make the Financial Times list of fastest-growing companies in Europe.

·         GE and PricewaterhouseCoopers have set up their own expert networks to tap expertise inside and outside their own companies.

·         In time, professional learning networks could disrupt the $250 billion management consulting business or even the institution of business school.

·         The gig economy has given us apps to monetize our homes, our cars, even our bicycles. The expert economy creates a marketplace for the knowledge, lessons, and wisdom we've learned.




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