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Alkeon Capital Management

Michael Leder


Formerly with Eckhardt Trading Company


HBK Capital Management

Christopher Rahmlow

PM, Global Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange

Formerly with Citadel


Levin Capital Strategies

Colin McCabe


Formerly with Deutsche Bank


Light Street Capital

Mario Campea

Analyst, Technology Investing

Formerly with Silver Lake


Featured Job Openings

Advent Capital Management

Hedge fund/Investment firm

New York, NY

Client Advisory/Investor Relations Professional


Cerebellum Capital

Hedge fund/Investment firm

San Francisco, CA

Senior Machine Learning Scientist


Hap Capital

Prop trading/Mkt Mkng/non-HFT

New York , NY

QSG/Research Lead


Värde Partners

Hedge fund/Investment firm

London, United Kingdom

Senior Analyst – Corporates & Traded Credit

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Recent Launches/Filings

Aptitude Investment Management LP


Aptitude Partners Ltd


Caxton Associates LP.


Caxton Advantage (USA) LLC


Winton Group


Winton Access Fund 2 Ltd


Winton Group


Winton Access Fund 1 Ltd

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