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We would like to be your recruiting partner for the rest of your career in global finance.  How does this partnership work?  Well, please take a look at the services that we offer below.

Services included in the Careerhedge Lifetime Recruiting Service

  • Resume Review Service-Our team will review your resume with you and make suggestions based on the career you are pursuing.  We will help you create up to three versions of your resume.
  • Subscription to the Careerhedge Nightly Newsletter-The Newsletter gives you access to hundreds of new job opportunities on a weekly basis as well as real-time access to the most important news in the financial services industry.
  • Job Alerts-Each evening you will receive job alerts along with the Nightly Newsletter!
  • Compensation Review Service-Our team will review your compensation and give you detailed information on how it compares to other individuals with experience like yours.
  • Proprietary Job Resources-Access to resources including directories of hiring managers and rankings.
  • Recruiter Representation-If you are interested in being represented during the the interview process by our team all you have to do is let us know and we will present your background to any hiring manager on our always growing list of clients.  We will assist you during the interview process and help you negotiate employment terms.
To join now, you may send $98.95 USD to us on your mobile device using Venmo at @careerhedge1 or by using Cash App $careerhedge. You'll get our newsletter and job alerts for the rest of your career if you wish as well as the other services listed above! Once you have made the payment, you will receive a confirmation email and will be contacted by a member of our team!