Retained Executive Search Service for Candidates

The process that I have followed with my candidates if pretty simple.  First, I take as much time as is needed to consult the candidates I work with.  Before we can begin any job search I need to know exactly what you are after. As soon as we have thoroughly  laid out the objectives of the search I will generate a list of potential hiring institutions to target in the coming weeks.   As we work through the target list together I am available to represent you with everything from setting up a first interview to finalizing compensation numbers and benefits.  The search is not over until you have accepted a position with a hiring institution discovered by me during the search process. I give all of my candidates a guarantee before we start digging in that I am committed to success and will work with you until a successful placement is made.

Services included in the Retained Search Service for Candidates

Resume Review Service-Our team will review your resume with you over the phone and make suggestions based on the career you are pursuing.  We will help you create three versions of your re resume.
Subscription to the Careerhedge Nightly Newsletter-The Newsletter gives you access to hundreds of new job opportunities on a weekly basis as well as real-time access to the most important news in the financial services industry.
Job Alerts-Each evening you will receive job  alerts along with the Newsletter!
Compensation Review Service-Our team will review your compensation to other individuals with simialar experience to see if it is in the correct range.
Proprietary Job Resources-Access to resources including directories of hiring managers and rankings.
Bi-Weekly Career Consulting-We will speak with you at least twice a weekly to discuss job opportunities and to give you feedback.

To join now, please contact Edward Storm at 602.730.0711

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