Retained Search Service (Candidates)

The Search Process & Finding You Your NEXT GREAT JOB OPPORTUNITY!

We have two distinct retained search programs at Careerhedge. The goal of both programs is the same, finding you a job opportunity that is ideal to you!  The first order of business with both programs is take as much time as is needed to discuss the career paths that make the most sense for you. This consultation process usually take several days.  Before my team and I can begin any job search, I need to know exactly what you are after.  As soon as we have thoroughly  laid out the objectives of the search are I will generate a list of potential hiring institutions to target in the coming weeks.   As we work through the target list together I am available to represent you with everything from setting up a first interview to finalizing compensation numbers and benefits at the end of the search process.  Before we start digging in, I give all of my candidates a guarantee that the search is not over until you have accepted a position with a hiring institution discovered by Careerhedge. My experience as a recruiter is placing investment analysts, institutional sales professionals, traders, and client services professionals at asset managers, investment banks, independent research firms, and expert network providers. If you are trying to find a job outside of these focus areas than we most likely are not the recruiting firm for you. If this is the case we will refer you to a firm that fits your background in a better way. We do not like to take on a a retained search client unless it is highly likely that we will successfully place him/her! Our goal is to place you now and every time you make a move for the rest of your career. We seek a partnership that spans the rest of your professional career.

Services included in the Retained Placement Programs for Candidates

Resume Review Service-Our team will review your resume with you over the phone and make suggestions based on the career you are pursuing.  We will help you create three versions of your resume.
Compensation Review Service-Our team will review your compensation to other individuals with similar experience to see if it is in the correct range.
Subscription to the Careerhedge Nightly Newsletter-The Newsletter gives you access to hundreds of new job opportunities on a weekly basis as well as real-time access to the most important news in the financial services industry.
Daily Job Alerts-Each evening you will receive job alerts focused around what you would like to do next in your career.
Proprietary Job Resources-Access to resources including directories of hiring managers and employer rankings.
Bi-Weekly Career Consulting-We will speak with you at least twice a weekly to discuss job opportunities and to give you feedback.
Job Placement Service-We place you in a job that fits the criteria you have established.

We give you access to the jobs, you select the jobs that you like, we get you in front of all of the right hiring managers, we manage the interview process and job offers to make sure that the timing of everything is as close to perfect as possible, and finally you decide on which job you want!  I love working with candidates in the fashion.  This is a challenging and exciting professional service that we offering you. I can offer my candidate clients this service because of the deep relationships that I developed with hiring managers over the first fifteen years of my career.

Differences between the Premium Service and the Basic Service

The cost of the Basis Service is $750.  The Target list established during the search process will only include hiring institutions that are current clients of Careerhedge.  A list of clients will be provided to candidates before signing on for either service.  
The upfront cost of the Premium Service to you is $5,000 USD paid upfront to start the search.  Once the candidate has been placed at a hiring institution which we have discovered during our search, we will refund $4,000 to the placed candidate! So, the actual cost is $1,000. We require a retainer fee because of the huge amount of time we will be dedicating to placing you in a new job. You must commit to using us to find you your next job just as we are committing to putting your needs above other candidates.  Our team will represent you with every single firm that we discover and put on your target list of institutions. We do not stop searching the job market on your behalf until we find success. Success is defined as placing you in a job that you and only you approve of. Once we have placed you, we will stay in touch and be your partner for the remainder of your career!