New Careerhedge Service: Bringing the Wealthiest on Wall Street to Top Tier Charitable Causes has created a platform which brings elite level donors to charities/non-profit groups in need of fundraising!

My firm runs a popular website,, which reports on employment opportunities and employment market related news to executives on Wall Street primarily working within investment banking and asset management. This site is less than two years old yet has already established a very loyal readership. My readership, most of which are highly accomplished analysts, investment bankers, institutional sales & trading professionals, and C-level executives, are going to be given the opportunity to support a diverse group of organizations that have a very positive effect on the world.  So, in the coming months my team and I are offering a select group of charitable organizations with the chance to use as a fundraising platform. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with you. Below is some information on our services. My name is Edward Storm, and I am the Founder and CEO of I am usually at my desk during of the day so please call me at 573.529.4897 with any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible should I miss you!
Who is the readership? is read by over a half million financial services professionals who visit the site for blog style content comprised of job opportunities and news related to the job markets in the United States and throughout the world. We also provide our readers with the results of survey work related to compensation on Wall Street and other important topics like employee satisfaction.

The senior level industry veterans who visit our site have an average income of over $500,000 a year, and according to historical statistics, Wall Street industry veterans give both greater sums of money to charities each year and also give more frequently!  High level donors tend to be well educated and financially secure as well. Nearly all of the readers are millionaires who hold advanced degrees related to either business, technology, and medicine.
How do non-profit organizations reach the readership? does not permit for-profit corporations to advertise, instead we partner with a select group of non-profit entities who can utilize our readership for the purpose o charitable fundraising. We give this group of carefully selected organizations access to our audience through digital advertisements and links strategically  located throughout the site’s pages and blog posts. . Our staff has compiled a database of these individuals and can lead customized fundraising projects requiring the support of these donors as well. Our staff employs a strategy which delivers an donor audience to our clients around the clock every day of the week. We provide financial markets professionals in the Americas, Europe, and Asia with content focused on the industry’s job markets in a real-time streaming fashion and create a sizable audience 24 hours a day.  We also deliver our content to readers via social media and email constantly. Most of our readers visit the site multiple times on a daily basis. Our advertisers commonly have the opportunity to catch the attention of our readers more than just once. can produce fundraising results that are more effective than even the very most popular news sites in the world even search engines! We recruit non-profit organizations to become clients who provide services to society that we feel are essential. Because the team shares a similar passion for the issues that our clients do, we find that providing a GUARANTEE for the success of our work is very important.
What is the guarantee?
We are interested in establishing very long-term partnerships with the organizations who advertise on our site.  The guarantee on our work makes this very apparent. If the cost of our services ends up being more expensive to our client than the money which was advertising as a result of with us, we simply extend the length of the time in our advertising contract indefinitely until more money has been raised than spent.  The goal of course is for our clients to find so much fundraising success with us that they simply never stop advertising! is a very special platform, and one that must be guarded carefully.  Our readers demand excellent content and that all of the organizations permitted to advertise on the site are of outstanding integrity and provide exceptional charitable services.,  We are very proud to be able to offer our platform to you at what we feel is the lowest cost possible. I have attached a document discussing advertiser pricing in great detail. We only offer our fundraising services to organizations and causes that our staff passionately supports.  We would be honored to help you meet your organization's goals!
All the Best,

Ed Storm, CEO of
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