Dear Candidates :

Greetings! November and December are the best months to start a serious job search for the upcoming year. Over my past 15+ years as a recruiter Q1 has proven to be my most successful quarter of the year in terms of the total number of individuals I place. This holds true for both the buyside and the sellside.Individuals who start the search process now are much more likely to land a job during Q1. Well, here's the first step in furthering your career with a move to the buyside! Please follow the link and subscribe to our placement service. The business model of my recruiting firm is slightly different. Like most recruiting firms, we generate revenue from hiring institutions who use us to conduct specific searches and to deliver talent. So, we can help you get in front of some of the very best hedge funds investment banks. Accomplish this by offering a wide variety of online services that are designed to make sure any and all of the relevant searches we are working on getting in front of you, First and foremost, once you have subscribed to our placement service you will receive 
  • customized job alerts every evening, our nightly newsletter, 
  • we will review your resume with you and close detail and make as many versions as needed based on the diversity of your job interests. 

Nightly newsletter w/ job alerts $79

Review resume  $98

We will also give you access to a variety of discounts at other service providers such as Bloomberg and Integrity Research. The goal of all this is to make sure that despite the fact that you most likely have a very busy schedule everyday, relevant job opportunities still make it to your desktop. The next step in the process is setting up a phone conversation at which time we will discuss your background and career goals in detail. Once you have signed up on our website for the placement service, please send us a copy of your resume, references, and anything else that you think would be relevant and help us place you! Look forward to working with you! Here's the link!

All the Best,
Ed Storm, CEO at