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     The Approach to Search: An exciting business model with unique solutions for both candidates and hiring institutions.

How can a small recruiting firm become the financial markets search industry in both the number of hiring institutions that pay for recruiting services and the recruiting firm that provides the most resources and industry insight to candidates? The business model is the answer!  We are made up of a small team of experienced senior executive recruiters, one of which is me, Ed Storm (CEO & Founder), as well as a rapidly growing number of freelance search specialists, freelance writers/journalists, and remotely located support staff. Our business model is unique in the industry and demands high levels of cooperation and efficient communication among members of the team. We offer a combination of services to hiring institutions unique in the search industry.  We are both retained by our client firms to conduct specific searches and paid upon successful completion of those searches, and we offer hiring institutions access to what may already be the best niche job board in the entire industry. Careerhedge,com is also a very popular news provider and blog that in its first year has had approximately one million visitors. On you will find a wide array of resources for the job seeker as well as a real time feed of news and jobs with content that is entirely related to the financial services job markets. Our team is presently working on searches in over a dozen countries for hiring institutions ranging in size from bulge bracket banks to a start up hedge fund currently made up of four employees.  All of the searches we work on fall within asset management, investment banking, independent investment research, or expert network providers. It seems that whenever one industry is shrinking in terms of the total number of individuals employed, and other is rapidly expanding. Independent equity research firms for instance are under a great deal of pressure and thus far in 2018 very few positions at the senior analyst level have been available. Expert networks however are growing as rapidly as any industry ever has on “Wall Street”. Our long time client Guidepoint Global is presently trying to fill over 30 positions. This is impressive considering that just a decade ago the firm’s entire staff was barely that big. Now their staff is over 500 strong and only Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG). I have witnessed a tiny industry which was barely noticed by institutional investors grow to over grow to a billion dollar industry!  Our philosophy on search demands that we are always be forward thinking and focused on where job growth will take place in coming years when developing relationships with hiring institutions. We’d rather spend our time speaking with the CEO of a tiny startup in the who comes highly recommended as a potential client by a trusted contact than with a hiring manager at an old and established investment bank that is entrenched in the same old business model that has sunk so many other institutions.


Edward Storm,
Founder & CEO, Head of Executive Search, Content Managment

Bobby Walton,
Director of Internet Marketing